Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between Proprietary and Open Source Technologies to give our Clients the freedom to choose between Vendors, Service Providers and Open Source Technologies based on their merits rather than their stickiness.

  • We believe in...

    Open Source

  • We use and contribute to Open Source Projects

  • We Build Solutions based on Open Technologies

  • We Integrate rather than Rebuild

  • We stick to Core Competencies

  • Leveling the playing field with...

    Standard APIs

  • We believe in Modular Design

  • We prefer Standards Above Proprietary Frameworks

  • We think Vendors should focus on Standard APIs

  • We believe in Separation of Function and Framework

  • Empowering clients with...

    Best Practices

  • We believe all components should be Swappable

  • We believe that Impartial Training is key

  • We believe in Orchestration-First Design

  • We believe in choosing the Right Tool for the Job


Professional consulting

Whether you're looking for some training or you want some short term on or off-site assistance, let us know and we can pair you up with a specialist consultant.


We currently provide extensive support for OpenMAMA including the Qpid, ZeroMQ and OMNM bridges. We stand behind community releases.

Blitz service

Need a new OpenMAMA bridge or custom development project delivered fast? Let us know and we'll get it done.


There are many projects that we are working on which will be Open Source and free for all.


OpenMAMA middleware bridge for ZeroMQ.


OpenMAMA Native Messaging payload implementation.

OpenMAMA RESTful Cache

OpenMAMA standalone cache for snapshotting web clients. In planning.


OpenMAMA middleware bridge for server sent events (HTML). In planning.

OpenMAMA Hazelcast

OpenMAMA distributed caching for webscale projects. In planning.

OpenMAMA Discovery

OpenMAMA service discovery with Zookeeper. In planning.


Want to find out more? Give us a shout at or fill in your email address below and we'll get back to you.